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Consolidated Billing Services

Consolidated Billing is a way for the Employer Group to reduce the burden of some of their payroll functions by transferring the reconciliation of payroll deductions with insurance company billings to a Third Party Administrator. The Employer Group remits one check for all insurance products to Crider Insurance Services, who in turn, remits the payroll deductions to the separate vendors.

By using a “one-check” system, the Employer Group is able to focus its attention and administrative capacity on the other responsibilities of the payroll accounting staff.

Not only does the Employer Group free up time spent on reconciling the billing statements, printing and re-printing checks, and mailing all the statements, but the phone call volume from insurance companies and vendors is also greatly reduced.

Crider Insurance Services becomes the first contact for the insurance companies with regard to billings and premiums. Instead of dealing with many different insurance companies, the Employer Group is down to dealing with one source – Crider Insurance Services.

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