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403b Administration Services

In addition to consolidated billing, Crider Insurance Services also offers 403b Administration. The Employer Group can shift the administrative burden of keeping up with Salary Reduction Agreements, TRS approved 403b companies (and their agents), and the changes in both state and federal legislation that affect the 403b marketplace.

CIS becomes the point of contact for all 403b vendors who call on your Employer Group. We handle and approve all the paperwork. Only complete, approved paperwork is forwarded to the Employer Group. All the Employer Group is left to do is to make the appropriate changes to payroll. CIS will also go over the current Salary Reduction Agreements that are in place to verify there are no problems with the existing deductions.

There is proposed legislation that could greatly change the 403b marketplace. If passed in its current wording, the liability to employers will be greatly increased. Crider Insurance Services will confirm the Employer Group’s compliance with the current legislation, as well as keep you informed of the coming changes and what they will mean to your Employer Group.

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